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Even local residents are not always able to answer the question, where is this or that street, and visitors and tourists all the more difficult to navigate in their branch, especially if you are interested in a detailed map or the house number. Thumbing through a road Atlas or paper map of Ukraine, or other maps of Kiev or Lviv, trying to guess which part of town the street - quite a long and laborious job. For help finding our site was created with the card line.
We offer you an interactive map of Ukraine that reflects complete and accurate information about the streets and houses of cities, and represents the largest city in the country. E-map allows you to explore towns, villages, regional centers, increase and decrease, detail. To find the street you need to go to the appropriate section in the menu. This card can be used as a city guide, and even an Atlas or map of highways in the city. The site also has a handy section to search for the shortest route between the cities of Ukraine. We will try to update existing and add new sections of the site. To always be aware of not forget to visit the section with interesting news and articles about Map of Ukraine, and the situation on the auto roads of the country Map of Ukraine is created for interest, and reflects publicly available information from the network. At full or partial use of materials site hyperlink "" a must-have!