Amazing Odessa - pearl at the black sea

  1. Odessa - is a Ukrainian capital of humor

  2. Kuialnyk Liman - unique natural laboratory with curative salt water and silt mud

  3. Largest dolphinarium in Ukraine is on the "Arcadia" beach

  4. Odessa is a city in the United States of America, named in honor of the Ukrainian Odessa

  5. In 2011, Odessa won first place in the rating of Ukrainian cities for quality of life

  6. Major celebration of Odessa - is the city's Day and fool's day on 1 April

  7. The historic center of Odesa is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  8. The main street of Odessa is named after a Spanish nobleman, military and politics Jose de Ribas

  9. "Privoz" - one of the largest, oldest and still working market in the Europe

  10. in 1998, the city received a "Flag of Honour of the Council of Europe". First among the cities of the former USSR

  11. 2606 Odessa - asteroid named in honor of the city

  12. There is a "monument of bribes" in the city - it is a monument of orange that saved Odessa

  13. Odessa was named as Kotsyubiyiv until the XVI century and Hadzhibey until 1705

  14. And the popular name of the city is "Odessa-mama" and "pearl of the sea"

  15. Under Odessa is located the world's largest network of catacombs length of 3000 kilometers

  16. Among the most attractive cities of Europe in 2010 Odessa was 4 th after Amsterdam, Riga and Vilnius

  17. The largest sea port of Ukraine, is in Odessa

  18. Potemkin Stairs got their name thanks to the film "Battleship Potemkin"

  19. About Odessa composed more than 800 songs

  20. On the market "Privoz" you can buy everything that exists in nature, and a little more