Main facts about Kharkiv in Ukraine

  1. Kharkiv - the first Ukrainian city, which received the prize of Europe in 2010.

  2. In Kharkiv in 1932 for the first time in the USSR splintered the atomic nucleus.

  3. Almost half of the population of the city has a higher or incomplete higher education.

  4. The largest Square in Ukraine is the Freedom square in Kharkiv.

  5. 21 inhabitants of Kharkiv flew into space.

  6. The first skyscraper of Ukraine is in Kharkiv - Derzhprom, built in 1928,  height is 63 meters.

  7. Yuri Knorozov from Kharkov deciphered the hieroglyphs of the Maya

  8. In 2010, Kharkiv was recognized as the best city to live in Ukraine.

  9. The oldest zoo in Ukraine is in Kharkov

  10. Kharkiv region size such as Belgium.

  11. The longest street of Kharkov - Moscow Avenue. Length 18 km

  12. During World War II Kharkiv was occupied 641 days and released August 23, 1943

  13. In Kharkiv were born Nobel laureates. Physicist Lev Landau, biologist Ilya Mechnikov, and economist Simon Kuznets

  14. Market Barabashova in Kharkiv - the largest in Eastern Europe. Its area is 75 hectares.

  15. Kharkiv - is the largest city in the world located on the 50th parallel.